10° Congresso ISAR 2021 – Virtuale

Il 10° Congresso annuale dell’ISAR – International Society of Arthroplasty Registries si è svolto in formato virtuale dall’11 al 13 novembre 2021 a Copenaghen (Danimarca). Per ulteriori dettagli, consultare il programma preliminare in allegato e il sito web del congresso.

In allegato sono disponibili, per la consultazione e il download, gli abstract presentati dal Gruppo di lavoro Riap.



Using random forest to explore risk factors for early revision after total hip arthroplasty

Ontology modelling for the Italian Arthroplasty Registry

Patients’ perception of arthroplasty delays in Italy due to COVID-19. Uncertainty as a new state of mind. A pilot study by RIAP Working Group

Registry data as a useful tool to measure the validity of hospital discharge data. A study of the Italian Arthroplasty Registry on hip arthroplasty

Italian National Spine Registry: spinal implants’ classification and building of the spinal medical device dictionary

BRAVa: improving the quality of RIAP data through automated validation

Procurement strategies of arthroplasty prostheses in Italy and outcomes of procedures: a study of the Italian Arthroplasty Registry

ISAR 10th 2021 Abstract submission

ISAR 10th 2021 General information

ISAR 10th 2021 Preliminary Program