Impact of COVID-19 on volumes of orthopedic prosthetic surgery in Italian Regions: a new report

The report “Impact of COVID-19 pandemic emergency on joint arthroplasties in seven Italian Regions. Version of March 17, 2021” (Rapporto ISS COVID-19 n. 7/2021*) is now available on the website of the Italian National Institute of Health in Italian language. The study is the result of a close collaboration between the RIAP working group, surgeons, …


Enhancing the achievements of the Italian Arthroplasty Registry: published in Notiziario ISS an overview of its development

The article “Valorizzare il patrimonio del registro italiano artroprotesi (Riap): un passo necessario per migliorare la qualità delle cure e la sicurezza del paziente” (Torre M, Urakcheeva I, Carrani E, Ciminello E) /Enhancing the achievements of the Italian Arthroplasty Registry: a necessary step to improve the quality of care and patient safety/ was published in …


European Commission: Italy’s CND replaces GMDN for DM nomenclature

The European Medical Device Coordination Group (MDCG) plans to use Italy’s CND codes as the basis for the Eudamed device database nomenclature.