First Report 2014: executive summary

The book titled “Italian Arthroplasty Registry Project. Concept, development, start-up. First Report”, edited by Marina Torre, Ilaria Luzi, Eugenio Carrani, Luisa Leone, Emilio Romanini, Gustavo Zanoli is a picture of the work done since the RIAP started.

The aim is to make aware the health professionals and the decision makers about the central role that a national arthroplasty registry has in the management of the implanted devices safety, as well as the patients about the importance that a system able to monitor outcomes in joint replacement surgery has for their health protection.

The book is organized in 5 Chapters:
Chapter 1: RIAP Project: start-up, organization, sustainability
Chapter 2: RIAP Project and the medical devices system in Italy
Chapter 3: RIAP participating institutions
Chapter 4: Joint arthroplasties: Hospital Discharge Records analysis
Chapter 5: Joint arthroplasties: RIAP data analysis

followed by 14 Appendixes.


Executive Summary