Steering committee

The Riap Steering committee was appointed by the Iss President, Prof. Enrico Garaci (letter dated 28 May 2008, and subsequent updates). It is responsible for the work and progress of the Riap.

Currently, members of the Steering committee are:

Representing the Italian national institute of health (Iss)

  • Dr. Eng. Marina Torre – Project Leader, President of the Steering committee
  • Dr. Virgilia Toccacelli – Privacy and data protection expert
  • Dr. Eugenio Carrani – Informatics expert

Representing the Ministry of health 

  • Dr.  Antonella Colliardo, Dr. Elisabetta Stella (as a substitute) – DG for medical devices and pharmaceutical services (Dgdmf)
  • Dr. Lucia Lispi, Dr. Stefano Romano (as a substitute) – DG for medical devices and pharmaceutical services (Dgdmf)
  • Dr. Eng. Mauro Asaro, Eng. Alessandra Villano (as a substitute) – Technical Committee on Health, Session f, MD

Representing the regions 

  • Dr. Olivia Leoni – Regione Lombardia
  • Dr. Silvia Vigna, Dr. Rita Mottola (as a substitute) – Regione Veneto
  • Dr. Carla Melani, Dr. Roberto Picus (as a substitute) – Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
  • Dr. Silvano Piffer, Dr. Eng. Cristiana Armaroli (as a substitute) – Provincia Autonoma di Trento
  • Prof. Araldo Causero, Dr. Renato Gisonni (as a substitute) – Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Dr. Andrea Fabrizio Gemmi, Dr. Marco Romanelli  (as a substitute) – Regione Toscana
  • Dr. Aldo Verdenelli, Dr. Sebastiano Grasso (as a substitute) – Regione Marche
  • Dr. Nera Agabiti, Dr. Claudia Marino (as a substitute) – Regione Lazio
  • Prof. Vittorio Calvisi, Prof. Giandomenico Logroscino (as a substitute) – Regione Abruzzo
  • Dr. Pancrazio La Floresta, Dr. Enzo Bianchi (as a substitute) – Regione Molise
  • Dr. Stefano Lepore, Dr. Giovanni Colacicco (as a substitute) – Regione Campania
  • Dr. Rocco Romeo, Dr. Sandro Sangiovanni (as a substitute) – Regione Basilicata
  • Prof. Biagio Moretti, Prof. Cinzia Germinario (as a substitute) – Regione Puglia
  • Prof. Giorgio Gasparini, Dr. Giuseppe Andrea De Biase (as a substitute) – Regione Calabria
  • Dr. Filippo Boniforti, Dr. Letterio Ciriaco (as a substitute) – Regione Sicilia

Representing the Italian society of orthopaedics and traumotology (Siot) 

  • Prof. Paolo Tranquilli Leali – Expert on the subject of registries and Ebm
  • Dr. Emilio Romanini – Expert on the subject of registries and Ebm
  • Dr. Gustavo Zanoli – Expert on the subject of registries and Ebm

Representing manufacturers 

  • Dr. Fernanda Gellona, Dott. Ferdinando Capece (as a substitute) – Confindustria DM

Representing patients

  • Mrs. Antonella Celano, Mrs. Mariella Piredda (as a substitute) – Associazione persone con malattie reumatiche (Apmar)


  • Dr. Stefania Ceccarelli –  Iss
  • Mrs.  Mascia Masciocchi – Iss