Report 2018: english addendum

    The English version of the Addendum to the Annual Report 2018 is now available for download. It includes the Executive Summary, Tables and figures highlighting the achievements of the Italian Arthroplasty Registry.

      Fourth Report 2017: english addendum

      Addendum to: "Italian Arthroplasty Registry Project. Better data quality for better patient safety. Fourth Report 2017"

        Third Report 2016: english addendum

        Addendum to: "Italian Arthroplasty Registry Project. Approaching data quality. Third Report 2016"


        Harmonisation of medical devices classification systems: development of a generalised approach starting from hip prostheses. A first example of an international and standardised nomenclature to be integrated within the European Medical Device Nomenclature

        Franzò M, Carrani E, Asaro M, Caton E, Tucker K, Armstrong R, Young E, Sampaolo L, Bini F, Marinozzi F, Torre M. Harmonisation…

        Does a medical device nomenclature suitable for all purposes exist? Twenty years of Italian experience with the CND and its adoption in EUDAMED at European level

        Franzò M, D’Agostino F, Chierchia C, Cucchiara K, Carrani E, Sampaolo L, Stella E, Torre M, Asaro M. Does a medical device…

        A new collaboration on the horizon: the National Joint Registry (NJR) and the Italian Arthroplasty Registry (RIAP) towards an agreement upon a common component database and device classification systems harmonisation

        Torre M, Franzò M, Carrani E, Sampaolo L, Marinozzi F, Bini F, Stella E, Marletta M, Caton E, Swanson M, Tucker K, Armstrong…

        How we operate

        The Italian arthroplasty registry (Registro Italiano di ArtroProtesi – Riap) is a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Health – Directorate General of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Service, and coordinated by the Italian National Institute of Health. It started in 2006 with the aim to organise the national registry, a systematic data collection of all the joint replacements (hip, knee, shoulder and ankle) performed at national level.

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